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Time attendance and management

We are partnering with BioSyn to offer cutting-edge time attendance solutions in Namibia that can seamlessly integrate with payroll systems.

BioSyn is a leader in delivering comprehensive clocking systems and time & attendance solutions in Africa, catering to smaller organizations as well as corporate businesses.


Biometric & facial recognition

The time attendance terminals allow employees to clock in easily and efficiently via biometric or facial recognition as well as RFID cards.

Payroll system integration

Biosyn offers API integration with various payroll software where time attendance data is seamlessly synchronized to. It's also possible to export and import data via CSV.

Works for every business

The software works for every type of business and can be adjusted according to your organization policy & in accordance with Namibia's Labour Act.

Access control

By utilizing magnetic locks it's also possible to use the time attendance terminals for access control to unlock doors via biometric or facial recognition.

Real-time reports

Detailed reports available in real time give you all the time attendance data that you need in a few clicks.

Manage leave schedules

There's a leave management component where you can easily keep track of leave schedules and balances of employees.

Time Attendance Solutions in Namibia

How it works:

Time attendance solutions from BioSyn offer cutting-edge attendance tracking with various features. These innovative systems utilize advanced facial recognition technology and biometric authentication methods to accurately identify and record employees’ attendance.

By analyzing unique facial features and biometric data, these machines ensure precise identification, offering a seamless and secure method for timekeeping. The process is easy and simplified

The benefits for your organization:

By automating time attendance and payroll processes with technology you get the following benefits:

  • Human error and incorrect submissions are reduced
  • Employees can easily clock in via biometric or facial recognition as well as RFID cards. There is no manual logging of hours
  • All of the data is accessible at all times as it is stored securely in a cloud – no more manual filing of data
  • Leave schedules and balances can be easily managed
  • Data from time attendance terminals can be used to as evidence in any kind of labour disputes
  • Reports are available in real-time that give you access to all of the data that you need
  • Terminals can be used for access control to lock & unlock doors on your premises
  • The option for payroll integration offers you the ability to automate the entire process

Saving valuable time with modern technology:

Time is our most valuable asset. It’s the arguably the only thing that you can’t buy. Yet we still continue to waste time on processes that can be automated in the 21st century.

Modern technology, if implemented correctly, allows us to automate many manual processes and save us a lot of time in the process.

With the cutting-edge solutions from BioSyn, you can simplify and automate your organizations’ time attendance processes and manage your leave schedules & balances. Furthermore, there’s an option for direct or indirect integration whereby all of the data can be synchronized with your payroll system to finalize your payslips with ease.

Are you ready to take the next step to automate your time attendance?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate organization, our solutions are built to work for any kind of business. Schedule an appointment with us or share some details to get a cost calculation tailored to your business.