Because People Matter!

About us

Because People Matter

BPM HR Solutions will stand by your side throughout your journey, from startup to a thriving business. Let us manage your HR needs, so you can concentrate on growing your business

Why choose us?

We believe in the value that our functions add to a business. We feel that this specialist part of HR is often unrecognised for its contribution to the profitability and success of a business.

Our values at BPM HR Solutions:

Reliable | Accountable | Teamwork | Transparent | Care


Our Vision is to enhance the value of people in an organization.


We achieve our Vision by:

ensuring your organization’s Human Resource activities originates from a solid and sound foundation,

providing you with the essential building blocks and support,

growing together into a sustainable future.

HR is in our DNAyou'll benefit from the following:

Risk Management

At onboarding of your organization with
BPM HR Solutions, one of the main functions of our team is to align your payroll to comply with relevant legislation and 3rd party compliance.  In this process, we ensure correctness of calculations and all relevant compliance information.

Cost saving

When outsourcing your payroll to BPM HR Solutions, we will be doing the monotonous work, freeing up time in your HR team’s day.  BPM HR Solutions will ensure that your HR & payroll environment becomes paperless.  By doing the above, your organization will save money and have more time to ensure your business success.

Cloud-based storage

The BPM HR Solutions System solution is a comprehensive HR and Payroll platform, which ensures you have a full view on all your employee and payroll data.  In addition to this, your HR modules are linked with each other, giving you integration between, for example, your performance management and training and development processes.

Strategic HR advice

As the success of your organization starts with a strategy, the execution of this strategy is brought to life by the people in your organization.  BPM HR Solutions will assist you to ensure you have the right people in your business and align your strategic goals directly to the people who are responsible for the execution of the strategy.

A team of experts

You will have access to our BPM HR Solutions team and all their expertise, reaching from payroll administration and management, practical business and corporate experience, to HR consulting expertise, based on years of practical experience.  By having BPM HR Solutions as an HR business partner, your business can grow without having to appoint additional HR staff, as you will have access to our knowledgeable team.

Saving time

Once your organization is onboarded with BPM HR Solutions, we will enhance your entire HR operations. Our HR processes are automated and driven via the employee self service module. Automated HR will mean that risk and human mistakes are reduced to the minimum. Make management of your business easier, with scheduled reminder to your inbox.

We are there when you need us.

We want the best for your company

By partnering with BPM HR Solutions, your company’s success, sustainability and efficiency becomes our top priority.

We're there when you need us

The BPM HR Solutions team is available when you need us, attending to your payroll and HR needs with the greatest confidentiality; you can rely on us!

People is our passion

Through our passion for people, we commit to improve your employee experience by providing a platform for sharing information.

Get expert help when you're stuck

We ensure the people we employ at BPM HR Solutions, are not only experts in their fields, but are committed to move your company to greater altitudes

Meet the Team

Elriana Burger

Specialises in HR Policies and Administration

Harold Mbuende

General Manager
Specialises in HR Consulting, Payroll Services, Corporate Tax

Milcah Mokanja

Payroll Clerk
Specialises in Payroll

Martin Benjamen

Payroll Clerk
Specialises in Payroll

Interested? Let our team of HR & Payroll experts do a demonstration for you!

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate organization, our solutions are built to work for any kind of business. Schedule an appointment with us or share some details to get a cost calculation tailored to your business.