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System Support (Symplexity HR and
Payroll System):

Employee Self-Service (Symplexity OneSuite)

Symplexity HR & Payroll Modules

  • Self Service is a module running on Symplexity which allows employees to service themselves in terms of information that they require like obtaining a copy of a payslip, making changes to their personal HR information, changing address details or applying for leave.
  • ESS comprises both Employee and Manager Self Service and interfaces capabilities with Symplexity Payroll solution.
  • The OneSuite ESS platform is the interface twin system of Symplexity creating a seamless relationship between the employee, the HR department and the payroll department.

The core of the system is a comprehensive database with a calculation engine. The payroll functionality is very flexible and is based on a real-time system. This means that inputs and calculations are immediately updated within the system, eliminating time consuming batch runs. The payroll function allows the user to define the rules and frequency related to the payment of employees at a group or resource level. This allows for various methods of payments, i.e.

  • Wages
  • Salaries
  • Commission
  • Overtime
  • Shift allowances
  • Industry based payments
  • Productivity bonuses
  • Package based renumeration etc
  • The system can be customised to meet the payment structure of any industrial agreements

In line with tax requirements the system will facilitate salary package structuring, accommodating the company’s compensation policies and grading systems. The system is continually audited to ensure compliance with the applicable Country’s Tax Law.

Changes to items in the employee’s package will immediately reflect in his tax and other totals, giving both employer and the employee a better understanding of the relationship of each item to the tax totals. What-if remuneration structuring is available for structuring packages for new and existing employees.

Tax calculations and rules for all countries can be added to the system with flexible Templates, without any programming intervention.The system caters for electronic fund transfers in order to pay employees and third party creditors directly.

Pricing Module

Pay for what you need, and perhaps for what you want based on operational requirements.